Promotion Conditions

These promotion conditions are applicable when you accept that you want to receive updates from

By agreeing to these conditions you confirm that Otrium may do the following with your email address:

  • Send promotional e-mail updates to the specified e-mail address.
  • Show personalised adverts on platforms of our partners.

This means that your e-mail address:

  • Will not be sold to third parties.
  • Will not be used for purposes that are not related to Otrium
  • Will be used to show personalised adverts on platforms of our partners.

We handle the privacy of our customers accurately and we also demand this from our partners. More information about what we do and do not store in terms of personal data and how we secure this, can be read in our privacy statement. If you have any further questions about these conditions, the privacy statement or other aspects regarding security, you can always mail us at [email protected]


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